Postdoctoral Researchers

Junaid Akhtar
Junaid completed his MSc in Chemistry from Kohat University of Science and Technology, Pakistan. After working for some time as a research assistant he started his PhD in Bioprocess Engineering at the University Technology Malaysia, Malaysia which he completed in 2017. His focus during his PhD was the production of high value-added product succinic acid from lignocellulosic biomass (empty fruit bunch fibres). He then joined Ulsan National of Science and Technology, South Korea where he worked as a post-doctoral research fellow until March 2021. His focus during his post-doc was to increase the bacterial cell density, find efficient enzyme immobilized techniques, synthesise stable electron mediators and check the stability in electrochemical systems and enzyme kinetics with dehydrogenase enzymes. He then joined the University of Leeds as a postdoctoral research associate in April 2021. He is working on a project focused on the valorisation of textile wastes, Indian food wastes, and municipal solid wastes surrogate with John Blacker.
Fernando Climent Barba
Fernando completed his BSc in Environmental Science from the University of Girona, Spain and followed this with a MSc in Renewable Energy Technology at the University of Cranfield which he completed in 2015. He then joined the Bioenergy CDT here at Leeds where he carried projects with Patrick Mason and Jenny Jones investigating biomass from roads with Lincolnshire county council and with Richard Blackburn and Chris Rayner on value-added products from biomass. His PhD research with John Blacker, Richard Bourne and Nik Kapur was to investigate controlled continuous flow processes for the treatment of organic municipal waste. He started his postdoctoral research continuing this research with organic waste products such as garden waste and waste paper in April 2021.

PhD Students

Nisha Pokar
Having completed her masters degree at the University of Leeds doing a project with Colin Fishwick on the synthesis of agents against toxoplasmosis and an industrial placement with Pfizer; Nisha is investigating resolution racemisation recycle (R3) processes in the synthesis of chiral amines with John Blacker and Charlotte Willans for her PhD.
Luke Power
Luke completed his B.A in Natural Sciences specialising in Chemistry at Trinity College Dublin in 2016. Following on from this, he went onto completing an MSc in Chemical Engineering with the University of Leeds in 2017. His PhD work with John Blacker, Bao Nguyen, Thomas Chamberlain, Nik Kapur and Richard Bourne is investigating a platform for continuous selective extraction of acid and amines.
Alison McCorry
Alison completed an MChem degree at Loughborough University with a year in industry working at Redx Pharma. Her masters project focused on photoredox organocatalysis utilising flow chemistry. Her PhD project with Bao Nguyen, John Blacker and Nik Kapur explores the use of water as a solvent medium in synthetic reactions, facilitated by micellar catalysis.
Bethan Rowley
Bethan completed her BSc in Chemistry at the University of Nottingham in 2020. After graduating, she did a placement at GW Pharmaceuticals working as a Synthetic Organic Chemist, specialising in the field of CBD. Her PhD project with John Blacker, Nik Kapur and Steve Marsden explores the continuous separation of biotransformation products.

Alumni and Visitors

Dr Sam Boobier PhD 2017-2021
Dr James Daglish PhD 2017-2021
Dr Calum Birch PhD 2017-2021
Dr Fanfu Guan PhD 2017-2021
Dr Micaela Chacon Postdoc 2018-2020
Dr Adam Clayton PhD 2016-2020 Now PDRA in the Bourne Group Leeds
Dr Chris Holt PhD 2016-2020
Pierre Moreau Visiting scientist 2019
Yuji Kawakami Visiting scientist 2018-2019
Dr Alavaro Cruz-Izquierdo Postdoc 2016-2018
Dr Maria Kwan PhD 2014-2018.
Dr Michael Chapman Postdoc 2017-2018.
Dr Lisa Thompson PhD 2013-2017.
Dr James McManus PhD 2013-2017.
Dr William Reynolds Postdoc 2014-2017. Now a PDRA in the Muller group at Leeds.
Dr Ahmed Abdelrazak Postdoc 2015-2017. Now a lecturer of microbiology at Mansoura University.
Dr Sanel Suljic Postdoc 2017. Now a senior scientist at PharmaCytics in the Netherlands.
Dr Nick Holmes PhD 2013-2017
Jing Luan PhD 2013-2017
Ben Kyffin PhD 2015
Dr Katherine Jolley Postdoc 2013-2016. Now doing postdoc at the University of Southampton.
Dr Edwin Ntainjua Postdoc 2015
Dr Yuhan Zhao PhD 2011-2015. Now studying for a PGCE
Dr Philip Winkworth PhD 2010-2014. Now an Associate at Prescient Healthcare Group.
Dr Peter Baldwin PhD 2010-2015, now a Process Engineer at Johnson Matthey.
Dr Jessica Breen Postdoc at University of Leeds (2012-2014). Now working as a medical writer.
Dr Matthew Stirling PhD Student at The University of Huddersfield (2004-2007)
Dr James Tunstall Postdoc at The University of Leeds (2010-2013)
Yuitka Patel MEng student at The University of Leeds (2012-2013), now working for Heineken.