October 2017: John, Antonia and Mike travel to Moscow to hold discussions with Professor Eleonora Koltsova at the MUCTR regarding new mathematical models to understand the mechanism of transfer hydrogenation at iridium catalysts. The work is being carried out as part of a grant provided by the British Council under the auspices of the Institutional…
After a long stretch in the iPRD, Will finally moves across to engineering to join the group of Prof Muller, working on multiphasic chemistry in continuous-flow. Good luck Will!
Our retrosynthetic master, Sanel, leaves the iPRD to take up a role as senior scientist at PharmaCytics in the Netherlands. Good luck Sanel, you’ll be missed in group meetings!
Some new papers from the Blacker group: A simple and versatile laboratory scale CSTR for multiphasic continuous-flow chemistry and long residence times Preparation and use of transition metal complexes Comparison of a batch and flow approach for the lipase catalysed resolution of a cyclopropanecarboxylate ester; a key building block for the synthesis of ticagrelor.
Some recent papers from members of the Blacker group: A mild and selective method for the catalytic hydrodeoxygenation of cyanurate activated phenols in multiphasic continuous flow. Rapid, metal-free and aqueous synthesis of imidazol[1,2-a]pyridines under ambient conditions Self-optimisation of the final stage in the synthesis of EGFR kinase inhibitor AZD9291 using an automated flow reactor
Members of the Blacker group and iPRD completed the Race for Life 5K muddy run again this year raising nearly £400 sponsorship for Cancer Research UK. A very good and muddy time was had by all, looking forward to next year!